10 Best Lesson Short Stories for Kids in English with Moral

The stories are an important part of every person’s life. Short Stories for kids with morals. Sometimes  A Short story tells us a big lesson in life. kids eager to learn new stories they keeping find new Bed Time Stories, funny stories, animal stories. So kids here you are going to read 10 Best Lesson Short stories For kids in English with Moral. Which Stories will be Entertain you make you laugh and it will tell you a big lesson in your life. A Story makes creative to your children it increases the power of the vision of kids. when A kid reads and listens to any story so they imagine those things in their mind.

 Tips on Making Storytime Interesting for Your Kids

If you want to make more interesting stories for your children, here are some tips on how to narrate stories.

  1. Firstly use different voices for each character or act out various parts from the story, to bring life to those characters. Choose the role which you can play.

2.Say to your kid’s repeat story with you. and after finishing the story ask them what is the moral of the story.          it helps your kids find new things.

3. Read the English story aloud it will help to improve your kid’s listening.

Let’s Enjoy Short Stories for Kids in English with Moral

1.The tiger and the naughty mouse


The tiger and the naught mouse Short Stories for Kids in English with Moral

Once a Tiger was sleeping in the forest, the tiger was furious that day; some minutes later, A Naughty mouse started playing with the tiger tail just for fun. The Naughty mouse fun disturbed the tiger’s sleep. The tiger woke up angry and said to the mouse I am getting to eat you. “Why did you scare me?” the mouse humbly requested the tiger. Please leave me

I promise you I will be a great help to you some time. The tiger was laughing out loud, and The tiger said to the naughty mouse. “you are a smaller one. You will help me. Suddenly the mouse speeds off from there.

Next week two hunters came into the jungle and caught the tiger with them. They tied him against a tree. The tiger was trying to extricate himself, but he failed. Soon, the mouse was walking from there, and the mouse saw the tiger in trouble. Quickly he ran and gnawed on the ropes to set the tiger free. After that, the tiger said thanks to a mouse for helping him.

The Short kid’s Story moral: A small lesson can tell us a big lesson of life.


  2.The faithful dog


The faithful Dog Short Stories for Kids in English with Moral

A farmer had a dog. It was very faithful; it kept a good watch. The farmer had only one son. One day, he left his son at home and went to the market. In his absence, a wolf came into the house. It wanted to kill the child. The dog fell upon the wolf and killed it.

After some time, the farmer came back. He saw blood on the body of the dog. and thought that the dog must have killed his son. He shot the dog dead. When he went inside, he saw the child relatively safe. He repented over his folly.

The Short kid’s Story moral: Haste makes waste.


3.The Wolf and the lamb


The wolf and the lamb Short Story for kids with moral


There was a clever wolf. He lived in a dense forest through a stream. The Wolf used to kill small animals. But he always found some excuse to kill them. One day he went to a stream to drink water. It saw a lamb drinking water down the stream. Its mouth watered to see it (lamb). It wanted to kill it. 

The Wolf asked the lamb. O fool, why are you making the water muddy? The lamb replied. Hey wolf, the water is flowing from your side to my side. How can I make it dirty?

The Wolf again asked the lamb, O stupid. you abused me last year. The lamb said, Sir, I am only eight months old. I was not even born the previous year. How could I abuse you? The Wolf asked angrily. ‘If you were not born last year, then your father or mother must have abused me. So saying the Wolf fell upon the lamb and tore it to pieces and later ate it up.

The Short kid’s Story moral:  False man wants a lame excuse.


4.The Belling Cat


The Belling cat Short Story for kids with moral

There lived many rats in a house. A cat came there and began to eat some of them daily. Their number began to eat some of them daily. Their number began to decrease. They were in a fix.

One day, they held a meeting. A young rat said We should bell the cat. All the rats agreed. But an old rat said, but tell me who will bell the cat? All kept quiet.

Just then, the cat came there. All ran into the holes.

The Short kid’s Story moral:  Easier to say than do anything.


5. Two Friends and the Bear Short Story for kids


Two friends and the bear story for kids

John and Johnny were two fast friends once they were passing through a forest. They saw a bear. John climbed up the tree. Johny at once lay on the ground. He held up his breath. The bear smelt his body thinking he was dead, and it went away.

Then John asked Johny, What did the bear whisper in your ear? Johnny replied, ‘It advised me not to trust a friend like you. Johnny said to John, and you are not my best friend. You didn’t help me when I was in trouble.

The Moral of the story:- Beware of false friends.


6.The Hidden Treasure


The Hidden Treasure Story images


An old farmer had two sons. They remained idle. One day, the old farmer fell ill. He called his sons to him. He said to them, ‘ I have a treasure hidden in my field. Dig it out after my death; with these words, he died.

After ten days, the sons dug every inch of the field. They did not find any treasure. They felt sad.

A man passed by them. He advised them to sow corn in the field. They did so. They Reaped a rich harvest. They realized that their father had told the truth.

Short Stories for Kids in English with Moral:  No pain, No gain


7.The Magical Pencil


The magical pencil new story for kids

There was a child, and his name was Jerry, he loved drawings. He made beautiful sketches, illustrations, and paintings. Jerry was seven years old. He wanted to make friends, but nobody became his friend. One day Jerry sat at the corner of the river. He talks to his pencil. And said I have no friend, So you tell me. Do you have a friend? The pencil didn’t reply to him. Jerry was upset. Suddenly the pencil speaks, Hey! jerry, Why are u feeling upset. And why do you think nobody is your friend?

 Pencil: I am your Friend jerry.

Jerry: Hey! Are you my friend? And you can speak like a Magical pencil.

Pencil: I am always together with you, jerry. 

 Now Jerry was happy.

The Short kids Story moral:  Sometimes, Non-living things can also become our friends.



8.The Hare and the tortoise


The Hare and the tortoise moral story for kids

A hare was proud of its speed. It often laughed at a tortoise for its slow pace. One day, the tortoise asked the Hare to run a race. The Hare at once agreed. They fixed the goal and started running. The Hare ran fast. Soon it came near the winning, and it thought of taking a rest for a short time. It lay under a tree. It soon fell fast asleep.

In the meantime, the tortoise reached the place where the Hare was sleeping. It gathered its speed. It reached the goal. After some time, the Hare got up. It ran fast and reached the goal. and saw that the tortoise had already arrived there. the hare felt ashamed.

The Short kid’s Story moral:  Always focus on your goal


 9.The Lunch Box


The lunch box story

Once upon a time, A girl named Jelly didn’t like her lunch box. In the early morning, her mother cooked healthy food for her. But the Jelly wanted only junk food like pizza, burgers, and noodles, etc. she insisted daily on eating lousy food. When she went to school, she didn’t open the lunch box. She ate junk food in her friend’s lunch box.

Jelly’s mother was furious with her and thinking what I have to do next for her. Once Jelly’s mother took her to the hospital to meet the doctor. After reaching there, Jelly looked at many patients suffering from diseases caused by eating junk food.

Having looked at what Jelly says to her mother, please go away from here. I will eat only healthy food and will not be eating junk food.

After coming back home, Jelly ate the healthy food she liked. She always finished her lunch box.

The Short kids Story moral:  A lesson can tell a big thing


10.The Teacher and the Student


The teacher and student new story for kids

Once upon a time. Harry’s exams were coming. He was a naughty student in the class. And he didn’t like to study. Harry said to mam exams are coming, but I didn’t prepare yet. “How Can I get good marks?” Only 15 days are remaining between the exams. The teacher said to harry. It is your mistake. I can’t do anything for you.

” mam said,” I  can show you the way, but you will have to follow”. 

Harry agreed and asked. What do I have to do?

“Teacher said, let’s start preparing for exams. I will give you extra classes. if you study non-stop”. and after exams, you will see the result.

“Harry promised the teacher. Okay! I will.

He did hard work and got good marks. He thanks his teacher.

The Short kid’s Story moral: Don’t say I can’t do.

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