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Hello Readers in this blog we are going to learn What is Simple Future tense?. with the help of an example of a simple future tense. you will easily understand in this blog How to use Simple Future tense. As well as look at Simple future tenses uses. and download the pdf of future indefinite tense.

What is Simple Future Tense?

Definition of Simple Future Tense with Examples: Any Activity which happens after our present action i.e. even a second later from the point of talking till ‘n’ no. of years.


  1. I shall be twenty One Next Month.
  2. It will be Christmas in a week.
  3. We Will See our Exam results at the end of July.

When do we use the Simple Future tense?

  • To express the intention of doing an action in the near future and to express hidden pressure.
  • Shall is used for “I” and “We“. with the rest of the subjects ‘Will‘ is used to express future activity.
  • But, to refer to something which is sure to take place, we use ‘will‘ with ‘I‘. “We” and “Shall” with rest of the Subjects like he, she, it, this, any name.
  • Will‘ expresses promise, willingness, enthusiasm, threat, Determination & a hundred percent Surely.
  • ‘Shall’ Expresses Command, Force, Authority, When it is used with the pronoun he, she, you, it, they, name.
  • Will‘ is commonly used Nowadays instead of shall.

Formation of Simple Future Tense

It’s is an Easy  Formation of Simple Future Tense. It helps readers to know about What Simple future Tense Form is.

+ I will/shall play cricket match.
+ You will/shall do the business.
He, she,it will/shall not come today.
We will/shall not talk to her
? will/shall he,she,it know about your feelings?
-? will/shall they Cook Indian food.


Types of Simple Future Tenses with Structure.

(+) How To Make Simple Future Tense (Affirmative)

Structure: Subject+ Will/Shall+V1+ Object.

Examples of Simple Future:

  1. The Class will start on Thursday.
  2. Virat will play Excellent today.
  3. Raveena shall do the late-night work.
  4. The Butter will melt after some time.
  5.  Trump will go to Spain.

(-) Simple Future tense Negative Sentences

Structure: Subject+ Will/Shall+ Not+ V1+ Object.

Examples of Simple Future Negative:

  1. They will not lend the money.
  2. My Friend will not prepare the food today.
  3. In Spoken English ‘will not‘ is spoken as Won’t. For Example
  4. She won’t meet you tonight.
  5. My Friends won’t arrange their things.

(?) For Making Questions, Use Helping verbs in the beginning,

Structure:  Will/Shall+ Subject+ V1+ Object.

Examples of  Interrogative Future Sentences :

  1. Will you plan to go to a party?
  2. Will he Dance at the Sports Day Function?
  3. Will they play the Cricket match today?
  4. Will She attend the online Class?
  5. Will We make new friends in college?

(-?) For Simple Future Negative Questions use won’t at the beginning for spoken English.

Structure:  Won’t+ Subject+ V1+ Object.

Examples of  Negative Interrogative Future Sentences :

  1. Won’t She agree to your proposal?
  2. Won’t they tell the truth?
  3. Won’t the child fall from the Stairs?
  4. Won’t he go to Mumbai tomorrow?
  5. Won’t the teacher check student’s project work?

Simple Future Wh-Family Question Making?

Structure: Wh-Family + Will/shall+ Subject+ V1+ Object.

For Examples:

  1. How will we learn English Simple Future tense with Examples?
  2. When will we leave for Delhi?
  3. What will you do after reaching Mumbai?
  4. Whom Will, you meet on Sunday?
  5. Where will Rina go tomorrow with Virat Friends?

For Future Actions

We use ‘Will’ as well as ‘going to’.


We use ‘will‘ When we decide to do Something at the time of speaking which the speaker has not decided before.

Simple Future Tense chart image

Going To

We use (be) ‘going to’ for preplanned actions, i.e,  actions which we have already decided to do.

Simple Future Tense using going to chart

1.) A. I’ll play cricket for India.
B. I’m Going to play cricket for India.

2.) A. We’ll buy movie tickets.
B. We are going to buy the movie tickets.

3.) A. Now’ I’ll post the letter to her.
B. I’m going to post the letter to her.

4.) A. They’ll meet at 6:00 p.m.
B. They are going to meet at 6:00 p.m.

Example for Simple future Tense Image

What is simple future tense with example

Download the pdf of Example for Simple Future Tense click on the link Given Below.
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