English Conversation About Groceries

How we Start English Conversation about Groceries. lets read 

Amit: I’m newly married and I have to set up my kitchen before my wife joins me. I need your help and advice as I have to go and buy groceries.

Mira: Certainly.

Amit: What are the by-products of wheat?

Mira: Wheat flour, Refined flour, Semolina are the by-products of wheat.

Amit: Do you know what all dishes can be prepared with rice?

Mira: Rice pudding, beaten rice, rice puffs, lemon rice, Cumin rice, and paella are the major dishes made out of rice.

Amit: Apart from wheat flour, what other grains can be milled for unleavened bread (chapattis)?

Mira: Maize and Millet are the other grains, the flour of which can be used for making chapattis.

Amit: Could you guide me to the shop where I could find all the grains?

Mira: Well, A new grocery store at the entrance of our society gate, is your destination, I am sure.

Amit: Is there any exclusive store for lentils?

Mira: There is a shop in the Hypermarket which deals exclusively with lentils, Cereals, pulses, in all possible varieties.

Amit: What are the best brand for cooking oil, vermicelli, and butter?

Mira: Sundrop and Saffola for cooking oil, Bambino for vermicelli, and Amul for butter are the best names today.

Amit: Must I buy Spices and herbs as well?

Mira: Most Certainly! They are normally used to enhance the taste of the food.

Amit: Thanks a ton. I’m lucky to have a neighbor like you.

Mira: Any time! I’m Just trying to be a good neighbor.

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