Past Perfect Tense Sentences Examples

In this blog, We are going to learn English Grammar past perfect Tense. With the help of this Tenses blog, readers can easily understand What is the past perfect tense? as well as read Definition and Examples of the past perfect tense. Read this blog you will know how to make past perfect tense sentences with the help of rules, formation. Let’s learn tense and you can download past perfect tense free pdf Easily after reading this blog.

What is past perfect tense

What is past perfect tense?

1. Past perfect indicates the action which got over long back, i.e., you had performed the activity in remote past.
For example:

  1. I had met him in the year 1999.
  2. He had built this house 5 years back.
  3. I had watched this English movie when I was young.

2. If there are two actions of ‘past‘ that took place around the same time, the action which took place first, the sentences for it would be made with ‘had‘.
For Example: 

  1. The students had already arrived when the teacher came to the class.
  2. The Flight had arrived when I reached the Airport.

How do we make the Past Perfect tense?

For any perfect tense always use v3. The helping verb used in this only ( H.V) had along with v3 (Main Verb).

Subject+had+v3+ Object.

Formation of the past perfect tense.

+ I had seen that movie before.
+ You had played cricket match.
He, she,it had not heard of us yet.
We had not run fast
? Had he,she,it lost the key?
-? Had’not they found her pencil?

Examples of Past Perfect Tense Sentences

  1. When I reached home, I found, nobody was there. Everybody had left for the movie.
  2. Neeta didn’t want to come with us to watch this movie because she had already watched it.
  3. He had read English Grammar tenses books before you came.
  4. My friend had already let out the secret before I could.
  5. A Person walked into the room. he was a complete stranger. I had never seen him before.
  6. Rahul had just reached home when I called.
  7. When I reached the station the train had started ( so I couldn’t get on the train).
  8. She had done yoga classes when Ravi came to see her.
  9. I had written an English letter before the Teacher taught.
  10. We had made all the arrangements before the function started.

 (+) Past Perfect Affirmative Sentence

Structure: ( Subject+ had+ v3+ Object)


  1. You had studied past perfect tense before you moved to the next lecture.
  2. We had watched an Avenger movie.
  3. Aleena had become a successful Doctor.
  4. Henry had bought new Shoes.
  5. John had found an old magic box.

 (-) Past Perfect Tense Negative Sentences Examples

Structure: ( Subject+ had+ not+ v3+ Object) For making Negative past perfect sentences we use not after had.


  1. They lost all the matches because they had not practiced enough.
  2. Kane had not played Cricket until last week.
  3. You had not spent all the dollars.
  4. We had not talked too much.
  5. He had not spent all the time on mobile.

  How to make questions in the past perfect Tense?

Structure: (had+ Subject + v3+ Object)


  1. Had she left her job when you joined this office?
  2. Had you seen the Taj mahal before?
  3. Had the rain stopped before you left the house?
  4. Had the teacher punished you that day?
  5. Had we met last week?

Note: If you want to make a Negative question making sentences in the past perfect simply use “Not” after “had”. the structure is given below.

Structure: (had+ not+ Subject+ v3+ Object)


  1. Had not you seen the Taj mahal before?
  2. Had not we played a Cricket match yesterday?
  3. Had not I talked to you?
  4. Had not She made food for you?
  5. Had not They Known about them?

How to make Wh- Family Questions in Past Perfect?

Structure: (wh family + had+ Subject + v3+ Object)


  1. Why had she gone to the station?
  2. Where had Aleena been yesterday Night?
  3. Why had the teacher punished you that day?
  4. When had you talked to her?
  5. Whom had you met the other day?

Past Perfect Tense Negative Wh-Family Question Making

Structure: (wh family + had+ not+ Subject + v3+ Object)


  1. Why had not you played the cricket match.
  2. Where had not you been yesterday night?
  3. When had not the teacher punished you that day?
  4. Whom had not you met the other day?
  5. What had not you told about her?


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Past perfect tense Sentences Examples


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