English Conversation for Daily Use about Furniture

How to Start English Conversation For Daily use. let’s read With a topic English Conversation About Furniture between two friends.

Swati: Hi! Meena What’s up? Why are you looking so worked up?

Meena: Hi! Swati. You are heaven-sent. You are the person I was looking for. You Know, we found an apartment of our liking but it’s not furnished. Now I need your help to buy furniture here in this area.

Swati: OK. No problems, shoot. What exactly are you looking for?

Meena: For my drawing-room, I think I would need a sofa set and a center table. I would like a room Divider and set up a Coffee table with my wall unit at the back.

Swati: That Sounds good. But where will you put your rocking chair?

Meena: In the lounge, and in the corner with the money plant, my Shoe rack would fit in nicely.

Swati: Have you given a thought about what all you require for your dining area?

Meena: Yeah, I have a definite idea about that place also. Instead of a new dining table, I would go for Lazy Suzan with leather dining chairs. My display rack will be behind the chairs.

Swati: Wow! That sounds great! Let’s go to a furniture shop and get something for your bedrooms also. How about having a sofa-cum bed for you with a coffee table in the corner. That way you can use it as a Consulting room also. These days you get such sleek computers tables and ergonomically designed chairs that hardly occupy any space. Let us not waste any more time.

Meena: What are we waiting for! Let’s make a move and raid the shop. we will have a look at the bedroom furniture also while we are at it.

Swati: I was about to suggest the same. Let’s go.



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