Simple Past Tense With Examples

What is the Simple Past Tense?

Expresses past action that has gone by before out present time of speaking. It Simply tells your about the action that took place before the present time. It doesn’t indicate ‘when’ in the past, it Simply tells about the actions which took place in the past. Any action which took place even before we blinked our eyes, even a second before our point of talking times immemorial.

Simple Past Tense with Examples

Simple Past Tense Use and Examples

1. Actions Completed In the past.

To Express the action which Started and Finished in the past at a specific time.


  1. I didn’t See you last week.
  2. We played a Cricket Match yesterday.
  3. Last year, they traveled to Goa.
  4. Aleena Washed the Car.

2. A Completed Actions Series.

We use the simple past to make a series of completed actions in the past.


  1. I finished work, Went to a party, and met with my Childhood Friends.
  2. He woke up Early, Made breakfast, and Went to school.
  3. Did We add Chocolate, Powder in the  Shake, and then mixed Chocolate Pieces.
  4. Virat played cricket and then ate Healthy Food.

3. Habits in the past.

We use the simple past tense to express the habit which Stopped in the past.


  1. When I was Child. I played the piano every day.
  2. Sheena Spoke Always Truth In the Class.
  3. He never went to Party. She didn’t Like the Party.
  4. They didn’t Cook the Food on time.

4. To Talk About Duration In the past.

To express Duration Something Starts and Stops in the Past. We can use these With this Duration, for three years, for seven minutes, all day, etc.


  1. I lived in Sydney for nine years.
  2. He read English Grammar simple Past tense For Thirty Minutes.
  3. They Cooked Dishes All day at festival time.
  4. We didn’t Stay at Home the entire time.

 Formula For Simple Past Tense

Formula For Simple Past Tense

Sentences With Simple Past Tense

(+) Affirmative Sentences

Note: For Simple (Affirmative) Sentences, Simply use V2. For Example – Go= Went, Work= Worked, Watch= Watched, Send= Sent.


    • She Went to the Party last Night.
    • Shaina Decided to Celebrated her b’day on Friday.
    • Yesterday The Birds Flew in the Rainy Season.
    • We Repaired that Bike last month.

(-) Negative Sentences

Note: Contracted form of Did not = Didn’t

  • We didn’t wait for our friends.
  • Ravish didn’t go to the party last week.
  • Aleena didn’t Join the Meeting Yesterday.
  • They didn’t play the Piano.

(?) Interrogative Sentences


  • Did Ravisha Like the Fast Food.
  • Did He Invite You For his Birthday Party?
  • Did We Play the Football Match Last Month?
  • Did They Know about You?

(-?) Negative Interrogative Sentences


  • Didn’t You Eat the Tasty Food?
  • Didn’t Virat Play cricket well Last Match?
  • Didn’t the Servant Give you the Message?
  • Didn’t you watch the English Movies for Improving Your English?

Simple Past Tense Wh Family Question Making Sentences With Examples.

W.H+ H.V+Subject+ (V1) + object ?

  • Why did you talk to her?
  • How did they do that?
  • What did I purchase yesterday?
  • When Did She meet with her Friends?


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