Present Continuous Tense With Examples

Let’s Learn Present continuous tense with examples and their uses and sentences.

Present Continuous Tense With Examples

Action Which is still in progress at the time of talking. We are in the middle of doing something. Action is not over as yet at the time of Speaking.

In all continuous tense, we use the first form of verb+ing.

play+ing= Playing

Helping Verbs of Present Continuous Tense:

Subject H.V
I am
We, you, they, and plural are
He, she, it and singular is

Structure of Present continuous tenses and examples:

(+) Positive Sentences Present Continuous :

Subject+H.V. (Helping Verb)+(V1+ing) +Object.


  • We are Learning Present Continuous Tense.
  • She is playing with her friends
  • Children are reading English Grammar Books For improving Tense.
  • The pilot is flying the Helicopter.

(-) Negative Sentences Present Continuous :



  • She is not cooking the food.
  • Yash and Yoshika are not appearing in the civil exams.
  • We are not reading the Present Continuous Tense.
  • They are not playing Football.

(?) Interrogative Sentences present continuous 

Note- We use the helping verb in the beginning.

H.V+subject+(V1+ing)+Object ?


  • Are you Learning Present Continuous Tense?
  • Is He watching the movie?
  • Is She Playing the piano?
  • Am I Talking to him?

Note- The answer to these questions will always start with ‘yes’ or ‘No’.
For Example-

  • Yes, I am Learning Present Continuous Tense.
  • No, He is not Watching the Movie.

(-?) Negative Interrogative Sentences  Present Continuous

H.V+not+subject+(V1+ing)+Object ?

Note- For Making Negative Interrogative Sentences use  (Is/am/are  + not)  at the beginning of the sentence along with V1+ing.


  • Isn’t He learning the Present Continuous Tense?
  • Aren’t we Talking to them?
  • Am Not I Watching the Spiderman Movie?
  • Isn’t She reading the books?
  • isn’t Looking Great?

Present Continuous Wh-Family Question Making 

W.H+ H.V+Subject+ (V1+ing) + object ?


  • What are you Finding at home?
  • Where is she going right now?
  • What is he going to the party?
  • When are we going abroad?
  • How are they playing football?


To Express a continuous activity Which is going on at the time of Talking or at the exact moment.

  • The teacher is scolding the boy.
  • Jimmy is watching the movie.
  • They are making Burger for us.
  • Children’s are playing Cricket

To Explain the position or state of something.

  • I am sitting in my chair.
  • Curtains are hanging from the rod.
  • Shaina is going shopping.
  • They are playing a game.

For Future references.

  • We are planning to go to Shimla next month.
  • He is thinking to talk her after class.
  • Are they meeting this week?
  • Is She Studying for her exam?

To explain pre-planned actions. (is/are/am+going to V1).

  • He is going to go abroad for further studies.
  • She is not going to eat junk food.
  • They are going to meet with Salman after his performance.
  • We are Going to shop tomorrow.

To Explain Changing Situations

  • Her health is improving by leaps and Bond.
  • The Tata share price is increasing constantly.
  • Virat Kohli is making runs fastly.
  • They are running slowly Suddenly.

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