Examples of Present Perfect Tense

Let’s Learn Examples of present Perfect Tense

Examples of Present Perfect Tense

What is the Definition of Present Perfect?

With Singular subjects like he, she, it, any name – we use “has” and with plural subjects like I, we, they, you, (it is Considered Plural) we use ‘have’. These Verbs are used to indicates activities, Completed in the immediate past but gives the feeling present.

Helping verbs has and have are used with V3. (Use the third form of the verb)

Uses and Examples of Present Perfect tense.

1.To Describe the things you have done in your life
  • I have completed my graduation from Delhi university.
  • Gautam has played hundreds of test matches.
  • Ravi has cooked the food for the Guest.
  • Indian prime minister has announced 21 days lockdown cause of covid.
  • We have invited them to tonight’s party.
2.To Describe the number of times you have done something
  • How many time has he watched the spider man Movie?
  • How many time  have we tried to meet her?
  • How many time have you read Present perfect tenses?
  • She has watched the spiderman movie five times.
  •  I have been to london three times.
3.To talk about recently completed actions which are important now
  • I have some good news. I have got my job.
  • Rohit Sharma Can’t play the cricket today.He has injured.
  • I have learned the present perfect tense by gouravdigi website.
  • Ravish unable to come to my home today. He has gone his friend home.
  • Ayesha plays tennis, She has been selected in the indian team.
4.To express. The uncompleted action or situations.
  • I have read half of the novel.
  • I have not talk to her today.
  • She has not watched full ipl matches.
  • Ipl2021 matches have not completed. cause of covid situation.
  • I have not completed my graduation yet.
5.To Describe the present result
  • John has lost his wallet.
  • Virat has missed the train. So he’ll be late.
  • India has won the worlcup.
  • P.M has announced to open the lockdown.
  • Train has Started to run.
6.To Describe the situations that started in the past and are still true.
  • I have lived in the Mumbai since 2008.
  • I have known yashi for 8 years.
  • She has the owner of English Academy since 2009.
  • I have not talked to her for one year.
  • Allena has minister of u.s.a since 1999.

Formula For Present Perfect Tense

How to make present perfect tense Sentences with examples:

(+)Affirmative present perfect Sentences


  • He has bought a New Car.
  • She has improved herself.
  • We have learned present perfect tense.
  • They have studied three languages.
  • I have started my business.

(-)Negative present Perfect Sentences.

  • He hasn’t learned Present perfect Tense.
  • I have’nt received my parcel.
  • She has’nt refused to talk to her.
  • They haven’t Reached on the time.
  • We haven’t Understood them.

(?) Interrogative Present Perfect Sentences

  • Has He Learned Present Perfect Tense?
  • Has She Missed the Train?
  • Have they Come on time?
  • Have you Talked to her?
  • Has Virat Won the Cricket match?

(-?)Negative  Interrogative Present Perfect Sentences.

  • Hasn’t He played the match?
  • Haven’t They eaten the New Dishes?
  • Haven’t She talked to them?
  • Hasn’t He learned the Present perfect Sentences?
  • Hasn’t Your Friend agreed to Undertake this Course?

Wh-Family question Making Sentences in Present Perfect

  • What has She Done for you?
  • Where has he seen the Spiderman Movie?
  • Why has they gone there?
  • How have we completed our Homework?
  • Who has come to meet us?

Note:- Never use this tenses with Last sunday, Last Monday, Last year, Last month,Yesterday.
It will be wrong to use ‘ He has met me yeasterday’.

More Example of Present Present Perfect tense.

Use of Has/Have+to+v1+.
‘When we are forced to take some action’
For Example-

  • She Has to go early today.
  • I have to play the cricket match.
  • We have to reached there soon.
  • Today My friend has to meet his friend in a restaurant.
  • They have to watched the new movie.

For Negative Sentences:
Subject+do/does not + Have to + V1.
There is Change only in Do or Does For Example-

  • She doesn’t have to go the restaurant.
  • I don’t have to talk to her.
  • He doesn’t have to come to on the ground.
  • We don’t have to play Gambling Games.
  • They don’t  have to go for a movie right now.

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