What is the Past Continuous tense with Examples?

Past Continous tense Indicates that Somebody was in the middle of the activity at a certain time. The action had already started but had not got finished.

What is past continuous tense with examples

Example: Students started working at 6.p.m and Finished at 8:30 p.m. So at 7.30, they were working. They were in the middle of the work.


There Are Three Important Tips and uses for making Simple Past Continuous Tense

1. Position or the state of being of Something or Someone.
For Example:
The child was Sleeping when her mother came in.
Students Were crying When the teacher Punished them.
The driver was going the wrong way when the passenger told him the way.

2. Intention to do Something Whether or Not the action took place.

S+ Was/Were + going to + V1+/ Complement 

For Example:
We were going to plan for a picnic but the plan didn’t work out.
He was calling his friend But He didn’t Come.
They were going to play cricket but the rain came.

3. Persistent habits ( sentences having always, Continually, etc.)
For Example:
She was always fighting with her Friends.
He was always Complaining in the English Grammar Class.
They were always meeting together.

How to make past continuous Sentences:

Structure of Past Continuous Tense ( subject+helping verb+ Main Verb)

Subject Helping Verb Main Verb  (Use First Form of the Verb V1) with (ing)
I, He, she, it Singular Was Eg:- Eat+ing= Eating etc.
We, you, They, Plural Were V1+ing


Past continuous Examples with rules

(+) Affirmative Sentences


Past Continuous Affirmative Examples:

  1. He was reading books.
  2. The child was eating the Pizza.
  3. They were going abroad.
  4. My friend was buying T-shirts.
  5. Aleena was serving water to the guests.

(-) Negative Sentences

Note: For making negative add ‘not’ after H.V.


Past Continuous Negative Examples:

  1. We were not waiting for me.
  2. She was not playing the match.
  3. He was not learning past Tenses.
  4. They were not talking to them.
  5. I was not eating junk food

(?) Interrogative Sentences

Note: For Making Questions


Past Continuous Interrogative Examples:

  1. Was He Hearing Loud Music?
  2. Was She Following You?
  3. Were they Drinking last yesterday?
  4. Were We eating junk food?
  5. Was Child learning English?

(-?) Negative Interrogative Sentences


Past Continuous Negative Interrogative Examples:

  1. Was not he hearing loud Music?
  2. Was not she teaching English?
  3. Were not we playing the Piano?
  4. Were not they eating junk food?
  5. Were not they not enjoying the party?

Wh- Family Question Making



  1. What were you doing there?
  2. Why was the child Crying?
  3. Where were they going in the car?
  4. When was she cooking food?
  5. Who was accompanying you to the movie?

Wh- Family Negative Question Making

Wh+H.V +not+Sub+V1+ing+O?


  1. Why were not You knowing me?
  2. Where was not he Going?
  3. Why was not she reading books?
  4. When Were not they playing?
  5. What was not she Finding yesterday?

Note: The word “Having” is being used as the main verb nowadays and it is accepted though according to “traditions of Grammar”, it is wrong.

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