English Conversation Between Two Friends about Air Travel

Hello Friends, We are Going to read English Conversation Between two friends about Air travel. How to talk about Air- Flight status at Airport. Dialogue writing about First Air Travelling Journey.

English Conversation between two friends about First Air Plane Journey

Friend 1: How Far is the Airpot From the Railway Station?

Friend 2: It is about 5 Kilometers From the  Railway Station.

Friend 1: Who can get my Air Ticket For Today’s  Flight?

Friend 2: There is a travel agent in Greater Kailash who can get you the tickets.

Friend 1:Have you Got Your Visa Extended For your Extra Stay?

Friend 2:Yes, it is being processed and will be done by the end of this week.

Friend 1: What is an important thing you should not miss out on While boarding the fight?

Friend 2: It is the Boarding Pass which is very important, and you can’t board the flight Without this.

Friend 1: Have you gone through the Customs Check?

Friend 2: Yes, I am through with the Customs Check.

Friend 1: Where do I wait till the arrival of the Flight?

Friend 2: There is a lounge in the Airport where one can wait.

Friend 1: Who will help us with the in- Flight Information?

Friend 2:Normally there is an air hostess on duty who can provide you with all the necessary information.

Friend 1: What is the Flight Number for the flight to Mumbai?

Friend 2: It is IBC-102, Which lands at Santa Cruz airport.

Friend 1: What is the reporting time to the airport for an International Flight?

Friend 2: It is always three hours before the take-off time.

Friend 1: Is there a Special fuel for the aircraft?

Friend 2: Yes, it is Called the Aviation Fuel.

Friend 1: Where do I book my luggage?

Friend 2: You will have to go to the Cargo division/the baggage check-in.

Friend 1: If Somebody wants to have a private flight, What are the options?

Friend 2: You can always Charter a Flight by Helicopter or jet.

Friend 1: Is there a provision for our helicopter to land at the hotel Directly?

Friend 2: Yes, the hotel has a Helipad on the terrace.

Friend 1: In Case of an Emergency, Can we save ourselves from the helicopter, While on a flight?

Friend 2: Yes, you can use a parachute for emergencies.

Friend 1: Since I had an operation recently, do you think air travel is advisable?

Friend 2: That Should not be a problem, Since the aircraft seating has a provision for Seat belts.

Friend 1: Who is the person who is in charge of the flight landing and take-off?

Friend 2: It is the pilot.

Friend 1: What is the cabin of the pilot Called?

Friend 2: It is called the Cockpit.

Friend 1: Thanks, Aliena(Friend 2) for all the information. You Saved me a lot of trouble.

Friend 2: My Pleasure. Safe Landings.

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