English Conversation Between Beautician and Customer

How to start an English Conversation in the Beauty Salon. Let’s Start a Conversation between beauticians and customers in beauty salons. Radhika is a customer and she wants to change her hairstyle and a complete makeover. The conversation about Clothes, Hairstyle, Footwear.

Conversation Between Beauticians and Customers

Beautician: Good Morning! Mam. How may I help You?

Customer: Good morning! I am looking For a complete Make-Over. I am bored with my present look.

Beautician: OK. Do you have a certain look in your mind for yourself?

Customer: Yes, I think I’ll go for a laser cut. The present mushroom cut does not allow me to make a french plait or french roll. And I want a highlighting dye also.

Beautician: Would you like to color your full mane or just a few streaks? I think with your fair complexion, you can go for blonde color. I hope you have not applied henna to your hair.

Customer: No. It’s my natural brunette color. Do you think I would be able to wear citrus color dresses with blonde streaks?

Beautician: Yes, Why not? All earthy shades and other colors would go with this as long as it’s not gaudy or garish.

Customer: Very well! I love Flamboyant dresses with geometrical designs and stripes.

Beautician: It all depends on how well you carry yourself.

Customer: But see-through dresses and too-loud colors are so bad in taste.

Beautician: You’re right. People think revealing dresses, flashy dresses are eye-catching.

Customer: The look which comes with peppy and pastel colors is fabulous.

Beautician: These days wine red, mauve, and royal blue are in.

Customer: You can look good in sober colors like moss green, olive green, etc.

Beautician: Alright, what kind of footwear should I choose with my new look?

Beautician: Platform heels and mules are out. Try Stilettos or pencil heels. You can go for strappy sandals in summer.

Customer: Sneakers are the most comfortable but you can’t wear them with your formals.

Beautician: Right, Mam.

Customer: That’s it for today. Can I have my bill?

Beautician: Here it is. Thank you for coming here.

Customer: It was a pleasure.


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