Two Friends Conversation about School life and College life

Hello Friends, We are going to read Two friends Conversation about School life and college life.and English Conversation about college life and school life.

Two Friends Conversation about School life and College life

Saina (Friend 1): Hi! Isha.

Isha (Friend 2): Hello Saina! What are you doing here in the queue for Nursery Admission?

Saina (Friend 1): I am here to get the prospectus and information form for my friend.  Her son is in creche so I thought I’ll Help her.

Isha (Friend 2): How’s Your son doing at the boarding school?

Saina (Friend 1): He is doing good. In boarding schools, they don’t have to carry heavy bags as textbooks and notebooks are kept in the school itself. They Work on their assignments and projects at the hostel.

Isha (Friend 2): Nothing can be better than that. But Why Didn’t you go for day boarding School or college?

Saina (Frend 1): Our counselor at senior secondary school advised us for boarding school. Our son was getting ragged by seniors and the student union was not helping us. We Contacted the principal and register but nothing worked out.

Isha (Friend 2): OH! That’s Sad Because he was doing so well. I believe he was getting excellent grades in theory as well as practical exams. He received various acknowledgments for his drawing and painting as well.

Saina (Friend 1): Yeah, That’s true.  It was on the basis of his grades and a good percentage in his mark sheet that he could get admission in the middle of the session.

Isha (Friend 2): You must have started giving thoughts about his graduation day.

Saina (Friend 1): By the grace of the god he would be graduating with honours.

Isha (Friend 2): Congratulations!

Saina (Friend 1): Thanks a lot. See you,  Take care. Bye.

Isha (Friend 2): You too. Bye.

English Conversation about School life between two Friends

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