Conversation Between Bank Clerk and Customer

How to Write an English Conversation Between Bank Clerk and Customer.

Customer: Good Morning, Sir! I have to Withdraw Some Money From My Bank Account. I also have to deposit a cheque in my Bank Account. Could you please show me How to go About it?

Bank Clerk: Do you have an account in this bank?

Customer: Yes, Sir I have a Saving Account in this Bank.

Bank Clerk: OK. Then you can fill a withdrawal form with all the relevant details and put it across the teller. After some time, there will be a call from the teller to collect your cash. Once you are through, you can ask for a deposit slip for depositing a cheque in your Bank account. fill up the deposit slip along with the Cheque number and other details and deposit it at the counter and wait for the Counterfoil to be collected. And that’s it. You are through with depositing your cheque.

Customer: How do I obtain a new Cheque Book?

Bank Clerk: Meet the Bank Manager, and give him a request for a new Cheque book, and he will tell you about the procedure.

Customer: Since I have an Account with this bank, Can I get an Overdraft?

Bank Clerk: No, You will not get the overdraft, Because your Bank Account is a savings account. And Savings Bank account does not have the facility of overdraft. Only the current account holders with good Credibility with the bank are Offered this Privilege.

Customer: Can I apply for a loan here?

Bank Clerk: You will have to speak to the Loan Accountant and get the details from there.

Customer: I had Deposited a cheque on Saturday, and still it is not credited in my Bank account. Could you please check?

Bank Clerk: As You Said you had deposited it on Saturday, it must be in clearing and will take another day for the clearance.

Customer: I have my wife’s Gold jewellery. Can I put it Safely in your Bank?

Bank Clerk: Yes, you can check with the Bank Manager, We have a Strong room and a vault, where we secure our Account-Holder’s Valuables.

Customer: Thanks for all the guidance. I must say your bank takes very good care of the Customers.

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