Hi, Friends, We are going to read an interesting English Conversation about fruits. Fruits are crucial for our healthy life. like apples, grapes, guava, watermelon, etc. and enjoy the English conversation between fruits and three friends.


Rehana: Hi Shobha! Hey… you’re looking gorgeous! Suzzane did tell me that you’ve acquired this peach Complexion of late but I didn’t imagine…

Shobha: Rehana… are you joking?

Rehana: Not at all dear. I’m Dead serious Tell me, What’s the secret?

Shobha: Well… Thanks a lot for the compliment. Actually, I’ve started eating a lot of fruits.

Rehana: What kinds of fruits?

Shobha: Citrus fruits like orange, grapes, and guavas. watermelons and musk melons really help to rehydrate the skin.

Rehana: I’ve Heard coconut water is also good for the skin.

Shobha: Yeah… it helps to remove blemishes if you use it in face packs and of course it helps if you drink tender/green coconut water daily.

Rehana: Oh! Talking of coconut water reminds me… I’ve ordered some fresh sugarcane juice for you from the nearby juice shop. Here you are!

Shobha: This really is refreshing. Thanks! There’s nothing like this to beat the heat.

Rehana: And ice creams! Which are your favorite Flavours?

Shobha: Strawberry and vanilla scoops topped with cherries… Yummy….

Suzzane: Hey, girls! What’s this partying without me?

Rehana: Hi, Suzzane!

Shobha: Would you like to have some sugarcane juice? It’s Really good!

Suzanne: Thanks but no dear. ( To Rehana ) Do you have any mango drinks or ? I’m Starving.

Rehana: I knew you would be asking for a mango drink …here’s your mango shake…

Suzzane: You’re a witch Rehana! Thanks!

Rehana: The Pleasure’s mine mam…

Shobha: I used to like banana shakes a lot in my childhood.

Rehana: My personal Favourites were Custard apples and juicy berries…

Suzzane: Blackberry, blueberry, or raspberry?

Rehana: Blackberry. And yours?

Suzzane: Lichee, Small, Juicy, Lichee… My Grandfather has orchards in Muzaffarpur….

Shobha: Wow! They are supposed to be the best ….Does anyone like apples?

Suzzana and Rehana: Naah…

Shobha: An apple a day keeps a doctor away!

Suzzane: And is that the secret behind your glowing complexion?

Rehana: No Suzzane, She has already told me the secret and since the cat is out of the bag… we will also have a lot of citrus fruits from now on.

Suzzane: Is that so? I thought you used a great deal of pear and apricot face wash and scrub…

Shobha: Enough! Give it a rest, please… Tell me, Suzanne… how’s  Neil?

Suzzane: Bonny and blithe… Good and gay…

Rehana: Has he returned from New Zealand yet?

Suzzane: Yeah….  and he has brought lots of chocolates for you two and KIWIS and for me!

Rehana: Great! Takes good care of your health! Did you like them, the kiwi and apple Fruits?

Suzzane: No… too exotic for me…

Shobha: I tasted it once in a fruit salad. It had an assortment of fruits, like raspberry, kiwi pineapple, Pomegranate, apples, dates, and walnuts, besides the regulars.

Suzzane: My God! I guess you liked them all?

Rehana: She has become a fruit lover. Is there any ( to Suzanne) fruit you don’t like Shobha?

Shobha:  Yes… Papaya!

Suzzane and Rehana: Ha! Ha!

Conversation About Fruits


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