How to Start English Conversation At the Book Store

I am Going to buy an English Book at the Book Store For reading Advanced English Conversations. But I don’t know How do I talk to the Shopkeeper? I urgently Need an Advanced English Conversation book written by Henry James. I Won’t visit an online book store. So I go to the book store.

English conversation Books

 Student: Hello!

Shop Keeper: Hi! Sir Good Evening! Which Book Do you want?

Student: Do you, by any chance, have the ‘English Conversation book‘ written by Henry James?

Shop Keeper: I’m Afraid it has been sold out.

Student: Sold Out? I don’t think it’s possible. This book cannot be in such great demand.

Shop Keeper: Wait a Minute, Sir. Do you have any other books in mind?

Student: Oh no, I am disappointed.

Shop Keeper: I’m sorry, Sir. Let me check it out with my manager once again.

Student: Now, don’t worry about that. Tell me how long will it take you to get me a copy of the book. I need it urgently.

Shop Keeper: If You have an urgent need so you Could Buy English Conversation Book At Online Book Store.

Student: NO, I don’t trust at online book store. Last Time I purchased an English book but they didn’t deliver my book on time.

Shop Keeper: OH! Okay! If you could give me two weeks, I will place an order right away.

Student: Thank you. I want to browse through some of your latest arrivals and pick some of the other books of the lot.

Shop Keeper: Yes, by all means, Sir. From here, you move straight down and then turn left. You’ll find fresh arrivals on either side. 

Student: Can Somebody guide me through?

Shop Keeper: You’ll Find a boy at the beginning of the corridor. I’m sure he’ll help you out.

Student: I Wanna Ask you One thing. Could you suggest to me, any good website on google where I could read English Conversation at the book store?

Shop Keeper: Yes. Sir! You should Visit Gourav Digi it’s is a free website Where you can read English Conversations and English Grammar.

Student: Thanks! I would Look that up on google.

Shop Keeper: Welcome Sir!

English conversation at the book store

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