How to Start English Conversation Between Railway-Enquiry and Passenger at the railway Station. and Conversation Between railways Enquiries and Passengers.

Conversation between Railway Enquiry and Passenger

Passenger: Good Afternoon.

Railway Enquiry: Good afternoon, Sir. How may I assist you?

Passenger: What time is the Chennai Express Expected?

Railway Enquiry: The Scheduled time of its arrival is 5 O’Clock.

Passenger: But it’s Already Fifteen minutes past four and there’s no sight of its arrival as yet.

Railway Enquiry: I’m Afraid it’s running late by over an hour, and we have already made the railway announcement.

Passenger: I haven’t heard any such announcement. I’ve been at the railway station for about ten minutes.

Railway Enquiry: Perhaps, it was made before you came in. Let me check … it was made at 4.55, 20 minutes ago to be precise.

Passenger: Do you Only made an announcement?

Railway Enquiry: No, we also write them on the notice board just in the front of the ASM’s Office.

Passenger: Don’t you think these announcements Should be a little more Frequent?

Railway Enquiry: Well, I would rather not comment on it. For that, you can speak to the ASM, If you so wish.

Passenger: Very well, So what’s the status as of now? When Exactly will it come?

Railway Enquiry: At 6.10 But it may make up some time, or it may be delayed further. We’ll make another announcement as and when we receive any fresh railway updates.

Passenger: This will cause a lot of inconvenience to people. Have you thought of that?

Railway Enquiry: I’m Sorry, For the inconvenience. Bear with us for some more time, please, and make yourself comfortable in the waiting room.

Passenger: All Right. Thank you.

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Conversation Between Railway Enquiry and Passenger

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