English Conversation About Vegetables between Mother and Daughter

Read the English Conversation About Vegetables Between Mother and Daughter. How to do start vegetables conversation in your home. or Write A dialogue about Vegetables Between Mother and Daughter.

Mother: Daughter, Come here, Lunch is served.

Daughter: Wow! I am feeling so hungry! What’s there for lunch?

Mother: It’s Baked Vegetables with leeks, Broccoli. green peas, and cauliflower with a Fresh vegetable salad of lettuce and cucumber.

Daughter: Have you used Lemon dressing for the salad?

Mother: How did you guess it?

Daughter: That’s what you always use for dressing. But Mom! Baked Vegetables are so bland, why can’t we have something spicy and deep-fried stuff or if you could give us some spicy dip with the baked vegetables.

Mother: Oh no! Fried Vegetables like potato chips,  cauliflower, and eggplant pakoras, are so unhealthy. Do you Know baked and steamed vegetables like, sweet potato, beans, carrots retain their nutrients?

Daughter: That’s right mom but why can’t healthy food be tasty as well?

Mother: But there are so many dips that fall into that category like coriander dip with garlic, onions, tomato, and green chilies. It is like a powerhouse of vitamins. With this dip, you can enjoy baked/boiled vegetables.

Daughter: Finally! Something yummy. Can you make okra and jack fruit vegetables for dinner?

Mother: Okra? What’s that?

Daughter: Mom. Where are you, in the stone age or what? It is not a lady’s finger anymore.

Mother: Oh Dear! I think I should start stuffing the net for the latest terms on vegetables.

Daughter: Ha! Ha! That’s funny. Finally, Something which I can teach my mother.

Mother: Ha! Ha!

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