English Conversation About Shopping

Shopping Conversation English

We are going to read English conversation between Husband, wife (Customer) and Salesman. and start English Conversation about shopping. and  How do we start a English conversation About Shopping. go to the shopping market and start English Conversation at the shop market.

Wife: Why don’t we come to shopping malls more often?

Husband: I don’t find anything special about it.

Wife: But I do. I want to come here every day. I love to shop and window shop in malls.

Husband: By all means come here every day, then. Who Stops you? As it is you have nothing better to do.

Wife: Now, Don’t Make a fuss, Dear. I didn’t say I would come here every day, just expressed my wish to come here more often.

Husband: Let’s not argue anymore. Let’s get started with the shopping and go home. The children must be getting impatient.

Wife: OK, here’s the shopping list. Let us buy toiletries and groceries first and then go to the vegetable stall. 

Husband: That’s right!  Let’s go to ‘Big Shopping Bazaar‘ First for Shopping.

Salesman (To customer): What Can I do for you, Madam?

Wife: (To Salesman): We are new to this store and we don’t know where the things are. Can you tell us where the groceries are? and the toiletries?

Salesman (To customer):  For the Groceries turn Right, and then walk straight until you come to the end of the corridor. And for the toiletries, just turn left and you will walk right into them.

Wife (To salesman): Thanks.

Husband (To Salesman): Could I have the bill for this Merchandise?

Salesman ( To Customer): Yes, of course! Just give me a moment. Here’s the bill Sir.

Husband (To Salesman): Thank you. it was Conversation with you.

Salesman (To Customer): You’re Welcome.


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